Get radiant smooth skin with our whipped mango butter

Hello lovelies, 

When stepping out of that steaming shower in the morning, your skin often feels dewy, youthful, and glowing. But when you don't moisturize, it can quickly start to feel even more parched than before, leaving you with tight and possibly flaky skin.  

It can also be really challenging to find a moisturiser that is heavy enough to combat dry winter skin, that your skin can just drink in without having to worry about what kind of ingredients you are putting on your skin. This is where our Whipped Mango Butter can help to put you at ease. Being a great luxurious body butter—it not only nourishes but is absorbed into the skin really well, leaving you with silky smooth skin.  

This is a lovely alternative for those with Shea nut allergies and provides a great solution for those plagued with very dry or sensitive skin. 100% natural, non-greasy formula, whipped to a luxuriously light and fluffy consistency. Here are a few reasons to love our Whipped Mango Butter: Nourish - Nourish your skin daily with a unique blend of vegetable butters. Mango and cocoa butter are known for their nourishing effects on the skin. Touchably soft - Sweet Almond oil in this formula helps your skin absorb the moisture more quickly. So it will be soft, but won't look greasy. Natural Chocolatey Fragrance - Skip the perfume. That lovely chocolate smell you get is from the natural unrefined cocoa butter. You will smell amazing!

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