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The summer is rapidly coming to an end and we have been busy in the soap lab tobring some yummy skin treats your way. Flower Power and is now back in stock after we've been sold out fort he past few weeks. It has definitely proven to be a favourite and I'm sure this latest bathc won't last very long as well be sure to get yours fast!

We have a quite a few new soaps that are going to be ready just in time for fall as well. Soem of them are still waiting to be named. I'm posting a few pictures here as I've decided to take pre orders. They smell absolutely awesome! I have no doubt that these will be flying off the shelves as well so be sure to get yours early. They make lovely gifts for friends but I strongly encourage you treat yourself. They are so rich in butters and essential oils, it's really great stuff for the basics of a great skin care routine.

So these are the new beauties we have on the curing rack and they will be available at the end of September. And for the first time we have a bar made specifically for men.

The other two are still waiting to be named. Maybe I'll have a little competition, what do you guys think?

Gentile Man - scented with a Burberry men type fragrance and lemon grass essential oil

Naturally scented with a blend of essential oils, an elegant florally/citrusy blend.

This one smells amazing. Perfect for layering fragrance before a big night out or a romantic night in. Fragrance similar to Angel for women by Thierry Mugler.

Hope you're still enjoying the summer!


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