Our Brand Philosophy...


Here at Bath2basics, we know that for some, bath time is the most relaxing and precious time of the day. It can be our time to wake up with an invigourating fragrance, or an opportunity to chill out and relax while we soothe the cares and worries of the day away.


If you’re looking for totally natural, responsibly made, handcrafted soap; then you haev certainly come to the right place. We offer a selection of beautifully handcrafted, artisan soaps using the finest natural vegetable oils and butters available. They are all vegan friendly and we never test on animals.


Only small batches are made at a time so freshness is guaranteed, ensuring that the botanicals we use retain their properties and benefits to your skin.


Our handmade soap is detergent, paraben and sulphate free, which means that it's incredibly gentle on your skin! And the high percentage of butters we use makes sure that every time you wash with one of our soaps your skin gets a boost of moisture too!

Our artisan soap is known also as ‘cold process’ soap, made using tradional methods. This means it is not boiled for hours and hours (hot process soap). Our soap is rich in glycerine, naturally produced during the soap making process. We do not remove this natural moisturiser from our bars.


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